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Miller House is a petite indie publisher showcasing the work of Leda Miller (aka Noni Gross), including children’s books, graphic novels, miniature oils, and fine art.

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Author/Illustrator: Noni Gross

ISBN: 983296409

Join Kana in the foothills of a Hawaiian volcano as she investigates the disappearance of her lucky koi fish and learns the meaning of friendship.

This is a level 2 early reader mystery.

Upcoming releases:

“I” is for Isaiah! And he has a pony. Follow Isaiah as he grows... a little too much! What do you do when you outgrow something you really love?

A special Thanks to Personal Ponies  and

Simple Blessings Farm for loaning Ricki,

as a model for “I Have A Pony.” A caring group providing equine therapy for the disabled and elderly at no charge! And they operate with 100% volunteers. Donations gratefully accepted through

Author/Illustrator: LGMiller

Forward: Jeannine McDevitt

ISBN: 983296430

This is the first in a series of historical fiction steampunk graphic novels set in the year 1912, on the Niagara Falls Ice Bridge. The series celebrates the courage of Burrell Hecock, an ordinary seventeen-year-old who is faced with an extraordinary  decision of saving his own life or the lives of others when the ice bridge breaks free from the shores beneath the Falls.

Author/Illustrator: LGMiller

Forward: Marty Miller Leveillee

ISBN: 983296447

This is the second in the historical fiction steampunk graphic novel series. It takes place in Cleveland, Ohio and reveals the people in Burrell Hecock’s life, whose influence helped him make the decision that changed the lives of many.